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BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour 28.05.08
The beauty pageant for women injured by landmines
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Marie Claire, UK 30.05.08
Miss Landmine: The beauty pageant with a difference
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The Guardian, UK 22.04.08

Miss Landmine: exploitation or bold
publicity for the victims?
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The Sun, UK 04.04.08

Luanda lovelies step out
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The Scotsman, UK 04.04.08

No contest as beauty beats grim legacy of landmines for Angolans
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BBC, UK 26.03.08

Angola to host landmine pageant
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BBC Radio 4, UK 26.11.07
Miss Landmine Angola 2008
Full radio interview (English), US 03.04.08

Angola crowns Miss Landmine survivor
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CNN, US 03.04.08

TV interview with Morten Traavik
Full clip (English), US 03.04.08

Amputee Beauty Pageant Crowns Miss Landmine 2008
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Fox News, USA 21.11.07

Beauty Pageant Highlights Plight of Landmine Survivors
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National Post, Canada 22.11.07

Beauty with a cause
Full article (English), Canada 28.11.07
Redefining beauty: Crowning Miss Landmine
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Vatican Radio, 28.11.07
Pope Benedict XVI calls for a total ban on landmines, and an innovative awareness-raising project shines the light on the landmine issue inviting global participation.
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Drum Magazine, South Africa 01.05.08
One-legged lovelies
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The Star, South Africa 04.04.08
Beauty's caring side
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The Age, Australia 03.04.08
Angola elects Miss Landmine survivor
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