Phase 2, April – July 2006
The project will with the support already achieved continue with further practical and artistic preparation towards next visit to Angola. More potential partners will be contacted, more financial support is needed and the artistic concept will start materialising. More artistic collaborators and associated members of the project will be defined and practical preparations will start.

Sigbjørn Langvik (former Programme Manager, Norwegian People’s Aid Angola) has been assigned as Humanitarian Advisor for Miss Landmine as of 01.04.06. The follow-up visit to Angola is scheduled to take place for 2-3 weeks in mid-June to beginning of July 2006. Traavik, Langvik and dance choreographer Gaby Saranouffi will then visit as many of Angola’s provinces as possible, to encounter more possible candidates and start preliminary training and rehearsals. We will also consolidate our contacts and expand our network of collaborating humanitarian organisations and NGOs.

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