Miss Kompong Thom,Sorn Khun

Miss Kompong Thom

Sorn Khun

Age: 38
Hometown: Tnot Village, Kompong Svay District
Mine accident: 1987
Marital status: Married
Kids: 4
Occupation: Looking after the kids
Future ambition: To have a good business
Favorite color: Red

Dress: American Appareil, $ 32
Shoe and accessories: Myff Design, $ 17
Location: Chinese House, Phnom Penh www.chinesehouse.asia/
The Quay Hotel, Phnom Penh www.thequayhotel.com

Mine : MAI-75 antipersonnel, $ 9
Release: Pressure (9 kg or more)
Explosive: 120 g TNT
Producer: Romania